Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tieger Tales

Cody and I managed to secure a babysitter to finally get out on a date this past weekend. When we got home she gave us a full report but left one little gem out. Her mom called the next day sharing a story that was too good to pass up.


Let me preface that this was all done in complete innocence, or otherwise it would have held no humor. Apparently Tieg was sitting on the babysitter’s lap. He looked at her very seriously and asked, “Are you going to have babies someday?” I think he probably caught her off guard with that question, to be sure. She fumbled a little, and responded, “Um, yea, someday.” His response, “ Yeah, I can see your milk is coming in,” and proceeded to grab her chest. AAHHHH!


Thank goodness he is only 3, for all our cases! Fortunately she was able to laugh it off. And, after a discussion of dos and don’ts of our hands, we were able to laugh about it too. I just hope he didn’t embarrass her away for good. It’s hard to find a good babysitter nowadays.

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